Gevorga (Alaros and The Adalest)



The land of Gevorga sits proudly in the Southern Sea, West of Neadra. Its most striking feature is the Skaras mountains, the most dense mountain range in all of Sundhelm. The Skaras range divides Gevorga into two areas; Alaros to the East and The Adalest to the West.


Legend holds that nine hundred years in the past, the self-proclaimed Neadran Sovereign Corvala had a difference of opinion with the Gevorgan Leader Zarus and cursed Alaros with a blight, thrusting the East lands into an everlasting nightmare of darkness, stretching from the coast to the mountaintops, slowly turning most of its denizens into undead over the course of two centuries. The few humans who remained concentrated themselves in the settlement of Alaros Citadel and remain there to this day. There, they enjoy a chance to survive as the land outside the city is amazingly lethal.

The only place of relative safety outside Alaros Citadel are the watchtowers at the snowy tops of the Skaras mountain passes. Here, the most hardened warriors reside and ensure that no undead cross over into the Adalest. There are areas of the land where the Shadowfell breaks through. Darklight spills from these portals and twists the landscape into a greyed waste. Locals believe that these portals are the tool that Corvala used to blight the land.

As for Zarus, he is rumored to have been turned into a lich by Corvala and is said to be hiding somewhere in the Northeastern mountains plotting his revenge.

The Adalest:

If Alaros is despair, the Adalest would be hope. Just on the Western side of the Skaras mountains lies The Adalest. Rich Farmland and thick forests spot the land and end in beaches of white sand along which are found many coastal villages and small cities. These coastal settlements carry the majority of the citizenry of The Adalest. Locals will say the reason for this is because it is the farthest they can get from the Skaras mountains and the darkness that lies to the East. But all is not fair in The Adalest.

The ravages of a thousand years of unrest between Gevorgans and the Sahuagin of K’tem are visible everywhere. Ketem lies off the coast of The Adalest in the deeps of the Southern sea. The Sahuagin raid coastal settlements at night, taking what they want and killing whom they wish. It is only recently that the Sahuagin of K’tem have stopped their raids. Nobody knows why for sure, but the fact is welcome.

The largest settlement in the Adalest is Saef and the seat of Gevorgia,. The counsel of Zighdahl, a group of 7 sorcerers are the recognized rulers of The Adalest and of Gevorga as a whole, though those living in Alaros would argue that Zarus is the true ruler, even though his whereabouts are unknown.

Type of Government: Magocracy

At some point after the blight hit Alaros, it became clear to the people that magic was the way to protect the land from sharing in the fate of the East. So the Counsel of Zighdahl was formed; a group of learned sorcerers whose main charge was to ensure the protection of the Adalest, whatever the cost. A secret meeting of magic-users took place in Saef. Dozens attended but only seven were chosen. A palace was built for them and they formed a university for citizens interested in the mystic arts to seek answers to their questions.

In addition to improving life for the people, the counsel created an army of golems and magically enhanced warriors to protect the Adalest from all enemies, including incursions of undead from the East. The counsel are reclusive and loathe to speak but every once in a while they appear in public for festivals or matters of great import. The Counsel is favorably regarded for the most part.

Religion and Beliefs:

There are many deities recognized in the Adalest. The most commonly found is Yirn, the deity of magic and the will. The city of Saef is very accepting of diversity in belief and people can be found discussing the finer details of their faiths in public.

The People:

Hardworking, kind, studious. The denizens of the Adalest are these and more. Family is valued above all and the pursuit of mystic arts is ubiquitous. Hospitality is absolute and all strangers are treated as friends.

The arms of Gevorga are shared by both Alaros and The Adalest, though these colors are flown differently in each of the two regions. The black tower on the left represent The Adalest and the white tower on the right, Alaros. The red in the middle represents the blood that unites the two lands.


Blazon: Per pall gules, argent and sable, in base two towers counterchanged

Gevorga (Alaros and The Adalest)

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