Expedition to Nol Vornos

Before very recently, no human has ever stepped onto the shores of the legendary Wyrdwend. The aquatic elves call it Nol Vornos and it has been shrouded in mystery for ten thousand years. From waters deep and treacherous, the cruel Sahuagin have guarded its secrets since the time before humans came to Sundhelm.

Yet, the Sahuagin Kingdom of K’tem fell to an unknown calamity sometime in the last ten years which has opened up those waters and the island itself. One year ago, humans accidentally discovered the fate of the Sahuagin and began making expeditions to the island to explore it and perhaps settle it. To date, explorers from The Adalest, The Sutergan Isles and Gemet have established permanent camps on different parts of the island and make daily excursions into the dense, tropical forest in hopes of claiming the secrets of the island for themselves. With increasing regional interest, enclaves of explorers of all kinds have formed alliances against other groups on the island. But these are the least worrisome of the many dangers that await explorers. There are rumors on the wind and in the stories of elders regarding a being of immense destructive power that lay dormant in the bowels of the island; a being that has the power to grant eternal damnation or life at its will and pleasure.

There are many rivalries in Sundhelm. But all can agree that Corvala, ruler of Naedra must never gain control of this new land as she would plunder all its riches and wonders, giving her the wealth and power to finally plunge Sundhelm into darkness for all time.

Expedition to Nol Vornos